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Sunday, August 9, 2009


Let's remember to CELEBRATE!

Make everything a celebration! Eating food with those you love, sharing conversation over a cup of coffee, watching television sitting next to the person you love, driving your car that functions so well, being able to move freely with your healthy body, admiring your kids and seeing them transform daily, starting a new day alive and well! These are a few examples of the every day gifts we can choose to celebrate!

Life is precious and reminding ourselves to smile and celebrate life is a great awakening we can give ourselves! You are here NOW! You have opportunity all around you! You live in a peaceful world! You are magnificent in every way!

Today I celebrate the day I was born 33 years ago! I celebrate with joy in my heart to be able to have this beautiful love that lives in me and surrounds me! I celebrate having my everyday to share with the man I love, my beautiful sisters and parents, all of my amazing friends and family, the beautiful people I encounter and that surround me on a daily basis, my amazing angels, guides, masters and teachers that have helped me heal and continue to guide me on this glorious fulfilling path of joy, harmony, abundance, grace, healing, wisdom, bliss and opulence!

What a beautiful world, and what a beautiful opportunity to have each and every day to live with such beautiful freedom!

I give thanks and celebrate with all of you on this planet so that we can transcend and exchange beautiful, powerful, positive energy of LOVE to each other and to all that surrounds us!

With true LOVE in my heart, I say: HAPPY CELEBRATION TO YOU ALL!!!