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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Do you forget to live life?
Are you super hard on yourself with what you "should" do, what you "should" eat, what your spouse, co worker and kids "should" do with their lives ?
I see many people being extremely hard on themselves and with those that surround them and I wish they wouldn't choose to be! Life is meant to be enjoyed remember?! You must find balance between human needs and spiritual needs; and you must do this with ease! Stop being so hard on yourselves! Stop judging others! Stop criticizing and start using loving, thoughts and gestures to move yourselves forward!

I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting Europe a few months ago and as we all know ANY trip helps change and transform us. We learn new things. We eat, see, feel, touch, smell, and experience different things and this helps us grow in many ways!

The thing I truly admire most about Europe is that they haven't yet been hit with this "cooperate attitude" we have attained over the years! They've remained REAL! They still have family as a priority; you can walk into a store and the person working there may have their child there, it isn't looked upon as "inappropriate" or weird.
They take their coffee and lunch breaks very seriously and of course their holidays are a priority. Almost everyone takes a 3 week well deserved vacation to stay with family and friends....most of us here take a week.

A different way of life; indeed it is!
I know we live in a WONDERFUL country and I'm not trying to put it down, not at all! I love coming back home from a trip to my home and life here. But perhaps we can keep some of the lessons we learn elsewhere.
Like in Italy; being Italian and having spent most of my childhood summers there with my family helped keep me in a good place where family gatherings around the table were a priority! For us Italians food and family IS our number one! This means sharing love in many ways, a gathering like this brings forth healing believe it or not!
There are stories and laughter shared! It is almost impossible to have a quiet dinner; this isn't the norm, it is almost ALWAYS a celebration and we always conclude feeling joyous and stress free! A simple experience like lunch or that's amazing!

The point that I am trying to make here is that we must TAKE THE TIME TO ENJOY OURSELVES! Quite the wasted energy on complaining and use what you have around you to create beauty! Who cares if someone acts in a way YOU choose to believe is wrong! Who cares if other people's decisions are not what YOU want them to decide! Remember the more energy you give to something the more you help create it! YES! You actually help create MORE of what you DON'T want by focusing your attention to it!!! Life is too precious and goes by too quickly to spend it complaining and judging others, THIS IS DRAINING AND WILL KEEP YOU IN A NEGATIVE PLACE!!!

SO CHILL OUT PEOPLE! LIVE LIFE! SMILE! And let others be as THEY choose to be. YES! You can be a positive example, but leave the rest!
Cook a meal and get those loved ones around you and just have a fun time! ENJOY YOUR LIFE! You will never get this moment back, or the next so make them count!!!

Luv, Light, and a lot of true Italian love your way;)