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Friday, August 28, 2009

Dream, Live, Laugh, Love!!!

What complicates us or can makes us crazy is when we are off balance inside ourselves. When we are distracted with unnecessary things and focused on all the things that do not matter! Our responsibility is to focus on ourselves and ameliorate ourselves! Only then are we able to turn around and care for another. You need to place your focus and intention on being the best you can be! Believe me everyone benefits when you do!

Why not try out different things and see what works well for you?! Instead of always having the same reply or reaction to something, try a new approach. If your emotions are out of whack and get the better of you most of the time, why not try to understand where your emotions are really coming from, dig deep, release those emotions when you are alone and THEN try and handle your life situations. You see, YOU need attention! What is happening inside of you NEEDS your attention!
In order to change or heal anything, you must be willing to do the work! You can choose to just let life happen to you with out your true awareness and intention but that makes for a 'roller coaster' kind of life. So the choice remains as always; up to you!

Your life is your life and you can do as you please with it and I believe that it can be as enjoyable as you ALLOW it to be!
So what will you do different from now on? What are the positive changes you will promise to make? What thoughts are you now going to consciously think? How will you spend your time?
What different ways will you find to handle your 'same old' situations that will make them new and different.

Stop choosing thoughts and ideas that are old and habitual! Choose now in this moment clean, clear, new thought patterns that you would like to see manifest into your daily life!

Dream, Live, Laugh, Love!!!

Luv, Light and Forever Smiling,