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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Get Out Of The Way!

Ask for what you want!

Anything can be changed! Any story can have a different outcome with your intention and dedication to it!
If you desire something you must give your attention to it!

Most humans give more attention to the 'lack of things' and forget to focus on their desires. This can seem challenging when you are exposed mostly to the acknowledgement of 'the lack!' Society is designed in this way, granted you do not have to be part of that, but many of us listen only to what is being fed to us as apposed to what it is WE believe and feel!

Is it so difficult for you to truly believe that you contribute to everything that surrounds you? Are you dedicated enough to yourself and to your dreams to take control and create your desires? What are you waiting for? Someone to tell you that it IS possible? Well hopefully if you do not believe it yourself then I can be the one to remind you that you DO indeed hold this immense power inside yourself!

If you want a better body what do you do? Sit around, eat potato chips and wait for the body you desire to present itself? No, you get up and start exercises and feed your body healthy foods and beverages right?!
If your desire is to have your kids in a calm, peaceful, happy state; safe and protected at all times, do you sit and send worry thoughts towards them and believe that this will help create your desire?
I want to remind you that the more attention you give to something the more you will create whatever it is you're giving your attention to!

Whatever you desire; health, wealth, happiness, peacefulness, whatever it may be start focusing on it and NOT on the 'lack' of it!

When you do not have something, and do not know the means to get it, or if your belief system is that your desire is "out of your reach" and can never be attained then you will never be able to attract it into your experience!!! Remember when you focus on your desire and ONLY your desire and how it feels THE REST IS REVEALED TO YOU! The how, when, where, and who is REVEALED TO YOU ONE STEP AT A TIME! So you NEVER have to 'figure anything out'! It is done FOR YOU!!!

So what do you need to change inside you in order to begin to attract WHATEVER it is you desire? Do you need to lovingly release the old tapes in your head that say, "it's impossible"???
Do you feel deserving of what you are desiring? Do you believe you can have anything you desire? The only way you keep things 'out of reach' is if you believe that they are 'out of reach'!!
You are the ONLY ONE who stands in YOUR WAY!!! Do you understand this???


This is your message for today, PLEASE use it so that you may smile A LOT more in your lifetime!!!

Luv, Light, and Intention!!!