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Friday, August 7, 2009

Go For The Gold!

Do not hold yourself back! Do not wait for someone else to catch up! Keep going toward your goals and if they trail behind...well then that is their story and it CAN be different from yours! We have different missions to accomplish, different lessons to learn and pass on. The important thing is that you remain focused on you! Let that someone else, or the 'others' experience what it is they came here to experience. It is not your job to change them, they are exactly as they are meant to be, and sometimes the same people we want to change have things that can help us learn and grow.
Sometimes it is patience we must learn, sometimes it is compassion, and sometimes we can learn about unconditional love from the most challenging experiences or people. Those who put you to 'the test' usually have a big lesson we can learn. Sometimes they represent a contrast we need in order to know what it is we DON'T want so we can be clearer on what we DO want!

In order to remain focused on your goals, dreams, and desires you need to continuously refine your wants as well as the unwanted. Keep your focus clear and your desires strong and do not get side tracked by 'the contrasts' remember that it is there to help you:)

Everything that occurs has its purpose. Every experience, every person you meet, everything you see, feel and hear has its place in your story of life! Getting side tracked just delays you to getting to your gold!!!

My story as a little girl may not be the same as anyone else's, but there are those who dream as I dream and the universe slowly brings us together in the right time and space!

I have always had the desire to help others. At the age of 6 my mom would encourage me to watch cartoons because I would spend most of my time watching infomercials on third world countries. I would plan out how I would go about saving these children.
I was going to take a plane and my dad's BBQ and bring some steaks. I was going to build roads, street lights and houses for them. My mom couldn't understand why I wasn't just playing with Barbie's and being a kid; but she let me be and would explain that it really wasn't that easy and she spent some time talking to me about it. But my goal was set; I was going to help people.
I did consider joining the Peace Core and soon learnt that it wasn't as I thought it would be. Then I met a man, an amazing teacher who I still see regularly and who has taught me SO MUCH! Too much to be able to write about in one blog!
But he taught me how to fulfill my life long dream. It isn't to get on a plane and temporarily fix problems; but rather begin healing myself and then pass on my knowledge to the next person, and the next, and the next! Now I use my love and positive intention in my meditations and daily life to send to those same people in 'those' places I wanted to travel to and I know that my loving thoughts ARE helping them.
I spend my days helping those I can see, feel, and touch and those that I will probably never actually meet. THIS FULFILLS ME SO DEEPLY! I KNOW that this is my reason for being! I know that this is why I am here because it FEELS SO GOOD! I have a deep love for people and I will continue on my path to fulfilling my desires to help people learn about love one being at a time! I am going for the gold!
With love in my heart I hope this message helps you to understand what it is you need to know!

Luv and Light,