For those with flexible minds!

These are my thoughts of love and light! I hope you enjoy them!

Monday, August 17, 2009


It IS about repetition! It is about reminding yourself over and over again that you are wonderful and life is meant to be enjoyed! Human minds works well with repetition! The more we are exposed to something the more we become accustomed to it. We all have our own philosophies about life and how to live it and in the mist of all that you must find what speaks to you and makes sense in your life! Only you can choose for yourself!

Too many of us choose to remain victims of our own lives, too many choose to complain over and over again about the same things. This will not help you to grow! Remember the answers to change what you DO not like in your life, the things you desire to change, the "how to" ALWAYS lie inside of you!

So here we are the beginning of a new day, a new week! How would you like this day to go? How would you like your week to go? What would make you happy and what would you like to experience? Without your intention and desire you are just watching life unfold; this is fine for some, but if you have bigger dreams, big desires and want these things to come into your reality it's going to take some of your love, and positive intention! You must ask for it, feel it, taste it and know that it is on it's way, otherwise how can it enter into your reality?!

Prosperity of every kind is in your reach! Everything is consciousness! So on this new day become aware of this! Don't waste any more of your time creating what you don't want! Use your beautiful, precious time creating what it is you DO want! The time is NOW!

Find those childhood dreams! Turn the light on inside of you after all YOU ARE ALIVE and that means ANYTHING is possible!!!

Luv and Light!