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Monday, August 24, 2009

Keep The Lesson!

Everyday has its theme, its lesson, its reason. Each day is given to us and must be cherished and we must open ourselves up enough to be able to see these different reasons, themes, and lessons! There are always things to learn, to keep us growing, moving forward. Keep all your senses heightened so that you can see what today holds for you and why.

If you watch carefully certain things will come up that seem coincidental, but they are purposely that way. If something repeats, pay attention for your lesson lies in there! Remember we are all doing our part in our own way.
Things occur for us to understand further, not only from who and what is physically present around us but also from past loved ones who sometimes do their part from "the other side." We are always surrounded by beautiful souls(angels) who have physically gone, but they are very much a part of us, continuing to help guide us.

Open yourself up today and get the lesson! Allow yourself to be helped and guided! The lesson aren't always fun to learn but they are most defiantly there to wake us up some way!

With Love, Light, and Positive Intention I say to you;
Learn the lesson.
Keep the lesson.
Always with LOVE in your heart!

We are all one!
Luv and Light,