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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mark A period At the end of Your Sentence.

It is true things speed up when we have chaos in our minds. The rush of thoughts going round and round in your mind isn't part of a healthy life. It is a sign that you need to SLOW DOWN. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to PHYSICALLY slow down; rather MENTALLY slow down! When our minds are NOT at peace you can find yourself on a beautiful tropical island vacation where all you have to do is enjoy yourself and you won't be able to because if your mind isn't free then neither are you!
So who controls your mind? Your continuous nagging thoughts that loop over and over and over again?..... YOU DO!!!

I used to have a mind like this; I slowly trained myself to slow down! The very first thing I did was pay attention to WHAT I was thinking and after each thought, literally, each sentence I put a period at the end of it! I slowed my thinking down this way! I was able to then take each thought and look at it... lying in my bed ready to sleep and the first though presents itself, "Oh my! I have to remember to call this person tomorrow!" STOP! Put a period at the end of that sentence! Replace with, "I know tomorrow is a new day and all that I need to do will be taken care of! Next thought appears, "Oh my! I have...." it goes on and on if you don't take a step toward stopping it you can literally drive yourself crazy!!
Our minds are sponges and absorbs both what we want and don't want! This is why I am always trying to remind you that what you expose yourself to is VERY important! Stressful things like watching the news, gossip, negative people, can contribute consciously or subconsciously to the continued stressful, fearful thoughts in your head!!!

As you walk down the street what are you thinking? As you park your car what are you thinking? As you walk into the grocery store what are you thinking? As you are paying for something what are you thinking? When you are in the shower what are you thinking?
YES! You must check in at ALL times! Because this is the only way you can regain control of your thoughts...YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOUR THOUGHTS ARE!!! They can not be a mass of continuous noise! You must pay attention to what's going on!!!
I can promise you this, that after enough training and what I mean by that is; you will not be watching your thoughts forever...NO! Instead this is a training like the training wheels on your first bike, eventually you won't need your training wheels any more!
I can say this because IT IS true not only for me but very many people who have also chosen to change their lives and transform themselves! When you choose life! When you choose YOU! When you finally decide that you are going to ENJOY your time here....well that is exactly what will happen!
And that scared little girl that once lived inside me is now a precious little angel who is continuously smiling and at peace because peace is now what lives inside of me!

You message is here, what you do with it is, as always, is up to you. I encourage you because my desire is for you to live in harmony, in peace, in JOY!

Luv and Light Eternally,