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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sit Back And Wait For Your Order:)

If you are stuck in yesterday, you are missing out!
If you are stuck with the "what ifs" of the future, you are missing out!
What about choosing to live your life moment by moment?!

Why remain focused in the past or the future? The past is over and done with and you need to lovingly forgive and release it! The future is coming and yes, you need to clearly articulate what it is you desire, but the details are NOT up to you to figure out! Your job is to ask and remain excited KNOWING that what ever you requested WILL BE DELIVERED in the perfect time and space!!!
I have given this example I got from Louise L. Hay many times: imagine that you go into a restaurant and the waitress takes your order, will you remain seated and enjoy your conversation, your piece of bread and drink with those around you because you KNOW that your food is coming, OR will you run into the kitchen to make sure that they got the order right?!

So for those of us who understand that our "job" is to ask for what we want or desire, then we just sit at that table and enjoy ourselves and before you know it your order gets placed right in front of you!
For those who CHOOSE to stress over the details are the ones running back and forth from the table to the kitchen and they just keep delaying things. We seated around the table want you to sit with us and enjoy your time! We are clear examples that the stress and running around isn't necessary! Does it make sense to you? Am I getting the message across clearly?

Ask and with the feeling of certainty, KNOW that whatever you ask for is already on its way-the only thing that keeps it from coming into our lives is our own resistance -that feeling or need we humans have to control every detail! It doesn't work this way! It never has! You must learn TRUST in this life time! You must TRUST!!!

If you have a hard time trusting and you doubt that there is any other force but human force that can make things happen. If you believe that you are in control of everything; I want you to go outside and look up. Day or night; look up and around. What do you see? The moon, the stars? The Sun, the trees? Oh I don't think a human created that alone?! Do you? So not trusting and not understanding that you belong to something bigger is living a lie. Please tap into your Higher Selves and allow your self to be is such a beautiful feeling to always be guided and protected!

Life is meant for you to enjoy! Step out of the "safe boxes" you have built over the years and start living! Start placing your order! The kitchen is up and running and has been since the day you arrived on this planet!

ASK and it is ALWAYS given!

Luv, Light, and Certainty,