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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Smooth Sailing!

What if someone told you how your story goes...ALL the details from beginning to end...would that be interesting to know? Would it change how you deal with your everyday life? Perhaps take away your concerns? Is life fun that way? We are here to experience life! Yes we have a purpose, a place here, a reason for being and not knowing could be the fun part if we choose it to be:)

I believe that as long as you stay focused on what you want and what direction you want to take, then the rest could be smooth sailing! If we choose to not worry or fret over the details and really leave the rest to the universe, we can sail smoothly through life! Our resistance puts us off track, for if WE try to work out every single detail ourselves we can literally drive ourselves crazy!

When life lets you know you are NOT on the right path, you will most definitely feel it! Your gut will tell you...check in with yourself; are you feeling happy? Sad? Stressed? Relaxed? These emotions will let you know where you stand in the flow of life so please NEVER push your emotions aside, acknowledge them and let them be your guide!

Life doesn't always happen the way YOU believe it "should" happen, all you really need to do is clearly state what you want and then LET IT HAPPEN! How? As I just mentioned; follow your emotions and forget the details.

We are sometimes guided to take a path we choose not to agree with, but in the resistance of it you will only create chaos. However if you follow it, you are the one who will be truly filled with joy and excitement! Your life will become extremely exciting to live! So set aside your pride and ego and allow your Higher Self to take over! Live your life with purpose! Ego and pride are the wrong forces to use, they will keep you living a life guided falsely and keep you in an unhappy state, it will always bring you back down to feeling stressed, angry, or even depressed!

With all the love I have inside of me I ask you to look inside yourself and see your desires and wants and please release the need to be "right", this is ego and pride....Your life is too precious to waste! Enjoy it as much as you can and be easy with it all!!!

Luv, Light, and Simplicity,