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Friday, August 21, 2009

Sort Out Your Files!!!

Your subconscious mind doesn't have a sense of humor. This means when you say you are "so stupid" after you drop your pen on the floor, or get something wrong, but you'll say, "well I'm just kidding" or " I don't really mean it"....well your subconscious mind takes it and files it like it always does with every single, thought, sound, smell, touch, and visual image you experience from the very second you become human! YES! Even from the time you were forming in 'mommy's belly' you began to store your files!

It is important to understand this! EVERY SINGLE thing you say, do, feel, see and experience gets filed somewhere up in your mind!!!

This is why you must watch your thought, words and emotions. What you expose yourself to gets filed! So what do you want to keep in your files? What experience, thoughts or emotions do you want to put in the trash? Lovingly release those 'files' and say to yourself, "that's one I no longer need or want so I lovingly release it" and move on to the next.

Take everything in segments.
Be present in the moment, each moment so that you may now begin to become AWARE of what you are storing!

Remember EVERYTHING gets stored! So when you reach for a thought, ask yourself where it is coming from? Is it an old file you have kept since your childhood? Is it an old thought that no longer serves you? Do you want to replace it with a better feeling thought? You know you can right?
You do realise that every single thought can be changed?!
You do realise that you are the controller in your mind?!!

Old thoughts that no longer serve you that are filed away will remain there as long as YOU CHOOSE NOT to release them! They will come up each and every time you are used to using them UNLESS you CHOOSE another thought to replace that file with!

Does this make sense to you? Do you understand how important this information is? Can you begin to see that you must take responsibility for your own life and stop pointing the finger or blaming the other person or the outside source?

Watch what you store in your files! After all they are your files and you have to live with them so make sure they are peaceful, loving, kind, humorous, dreamy, and joyous!

Exposing ourselves to all the information being fed to us on a daily basis with no filter or clean up can make for a busy, stressful, unhealthy mind to live with and YOU are the one living with it so make your clean up a necessity! Without a filter system, or a clean up your life will be most defiantly challenging!

So starting today you can CHOOSE to clean up and sort your files. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, it doesn't matter how old you are or what your gender is. It doesn't even matter if you are disabled or completely healthy; believe me, we can ALL CHOOSE to begin in ANY moment to turn ANYTHING around! NOTHING, no matter how certain you are, or how 'solid' a situation is, needs to remain as it is if you CHOOSE to change it!

Luv, Light, and CLARITY OF MIND!