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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stop The Worry!!!

Worry can not help! It will only give you more to worry about!
If everything is consciousness and everything is a choice, then why choose to worry? It won't change your situation! It won't keep you focused on a positive outcome, and you won't benefit in any way! So choose to remain calm and clear.

What you believe, think, and focus on will become true for you. Remember that.

When you have a situation to deal with and are stressed about it, you are giving it that same energy, so in order for a situation to work in your favor you must be in a good positive place, focusing on a positive outcome!
" I know this situation will work in the best possible way and I rest assured knowing that every detail will take care of itself!"

Always use calm, assertive, positive thoughts and energy to move forward. With each step guide your thoughts and this will lead you in the right direction! The most important thing is that you are always in a good place inside yourself! This will keep your life balanced and you will be better at dealing with what 'used to' stress you:)

With your love and positive intention you can create joy in your life! So before you begin the worry process, check in with yourself, greet your thoughts, and see what is it you are creating with them! When we feel like 'the victim' it is usually all in our OWN heads, the 'other party' usually doesn't feel what we feel and most of the time isn't even aware of what we are thinking and feeling and so for the most part you are the only one suffering and you are choosing to keep yourself victim to that person(s) or situation!

So I say to you; FREE YOURSELF! Begin in this moment to change your thoughts and begin LIVING YOUR LIFE without feeling chained to your past and present hurts! You can choose to do this, only you can CHOOSE to set yourself free!

Luv and Light,