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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tap Deeper Into Your Beliefs!!!

Give yourself time to receive the gifts you've been asking for. Just because the things we ask for do not present themselves when WE believe is the right time doesn't mean they are not on their way! TRUST that you are well taken care of and that everything finds itself in the perfect time and space in your life!
Do not be afraid to believe in miracles! I have seen too many in my life time to know that they are undoubtedly real! Find your faith! Whatever it is you choose to believe in, sink deeper into it and find your strength! Courage and strength is what you could thrive with and in our faith is where we can build more and more of that!
Believe and trust in yourself and your gut! You will never again regret something if you follow your intentions!

Your dreams, desires, hopes, and wishes are NOT to be pushed aside, rather tap further into them! Dream about what it is you want! See it, feel it, smell it, taste it, make it real in your mind!
The more you focus on it the quicker it will come to you! Whatever you give your attention to draws toward you like a magnet!

So today ask yourself; "What is it that I want?" And step aside and ALLOW it to come to you!

Life is too beautiful to be distracted by things that do not serve us or keep us from feeling good!
Allow life to work FOR you! Watch your thoughts and what you give your attention to! Remember the more you focus on the thoughts you are thinking the closer those things find themselves into your reality!
What are you thinking about? Do you want this to become real? If you answer yes, then keep going....if you answer no, then lovingly release that thought and replace it with a better feeling thought!

Simple enough? I think so!

Luv and Light to you!