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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What If You Never Said "what if?"

Don't live your life with the, "what ifs, the should have, could have"!!! But of course you already know this right? But when that change comes along or that occasion presents itself...what do you do, say and think?
Why is it that we can be so resistant?
Lack of trust?
Lack of confidence in ourselves, others, and not believing in being guided?
Imagine not trusting the process of life?! Does this sound like you? Do you feel trapped or simply a victim in your own life?
Do you live your every day to day life activated by fear or stress? Is this YOU? Is this who you want to be and how you wish to live???

It's crucial that you realise who you are and what you believe! It is important to know where you stand! We are here to enjoy this experience and if you aren't enjoying than you must listen to your inner guidance system that is clearly trying to communicate with you!
When we enter our adult world we become more "settled" in our ways, like a rock settling in the same spot sometimes for too long! You must realise that growing and learning never end and if you have settled in one spot you must keep moving! This is a fast paced world and there is so much to learn, so much to do, and so much more to see and experience!
I urge you to not wait till the day comes where you say, "oh, I could have, should have, would have!" YOUR TIME IS NOW! Take that opportunity! Learn that lesson! Take that step! ALWAYS reach for more!!!

DO NOT DELAY! This very moment will not return! The clock keeps ticking and whether you choose to remain where you are or to move forward is up to you, but I can tell you this; nothing, NOTHING is more important than you living in complete joy! Because when you do EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE BENEFITS ESPECIALLY YOU!!!

Luv, Light, Peace, Harmony,