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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Will You Do Today?

What does this day hold for you? What are you anticipating? What thoughts are you using to help make today as you want it? Are you excited? Nervous? Happy? What vibrational energy are you carrying with you today? How do you feel in this moment? Would you like to enhance that feeling or change that emotion? Do you want to feel better than you do right now?
Do you understand that you can change how your feeling at any moment and that by changing your feeling you can transform any situation??? It is important to know this because you are NEVER stuck! Life can transform if you CHOOSE it to!

Let me ask you this, do you ever spend time day dreaming? I have asked some people this same question and it is funny to hear how our daydreams become smaller, more "logical" as we move on in life. I believe it is VERY important to day dream! Not only about small things like day dreaming about not getting stuck in traffic, or having your day pass quickly! What about day dreaming VERY BIG! After all they are your dreams and dreams don't need to be figured out, they just need to be dreamt about! It seems that because some dreams are too big for us to figure out, we worry, "how can that ever be possible?" We put logic into it and that shuts down your dream instantly! I have said this before and I will remind you again; FORGET FIGURING OUT THE HOW, WHAT, WHERE, WHO, AND WHY!!!

Your job is to dream!!! That's it!

The details are NOT your job! This is why humans drive themselves crazy! The constant thinking! The constant noise of FIGURING OUT EVERY DETAIL!!! STOP IT!
It is NOT up to you!!! Just hold on to your dream with love and excitement! Like you did when you were a child! Believe that ANYTHING is possible! Know that when you have a dream and you feed it only excitement and joy, you pull it closer and closer and obviously when you put fear, anxiety, and limitations it pushes it further and further and further away!!!

So do you want your dreams to become a reality or not?! In a world where we have seen that anything is possible, are you willing to settle for tiny dreams? I'm not!

Open yourself up! Make sure you wear a smile! Believe in yourself and life! And please Never, Ever, SETTLE for you will be missing out on more than you know!!!

Luv and Light Always!!!