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Monday, August 10, 2009

Your Big Project!

You DO have one! Even if you do not know in this moment what it is, it is waiting for you to greet it! Think of yourself as step one of your project. You must work on yourself first!

Everything begins with you!
We each have a responsibility to refine ourselves, to try to become the best human beings we possibly can! Do not choose to be a scared human controlled by media and negative forces that do not ALLOW you to become all you are meant to be! Try different things, push yourself out of your comfort zones and aim for the stars! We really need to start motivating and pushing ourselves toward more in our lives! DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS!!!
Find out what works for you! Where do you feel stuck? What can you change to improve your life? Are you driven by fear? Do you feel constant joy? Do you know that we are here to prosper and feel joy?!?!

I always say to give thanks for all you have, because being in a state of gratitude helps you see what you already have in your life and when we are too distracted with the,"if I only had this" type of belief system we are choosing to see the lack in our lives instead of the abundance that already surrounds us!

We are magnificent beings, and we need to remind ourselves of this because the media driven world we live in wants us to forget who we truly are. We have powerful minds that store an immense amount of information and in today's world we are over informed. This could stump you and leave you with feelings of helplessness. My desire is for us to become AWARE and realise that we hold the power to make our daily lives wonderful to live. Our energy is sent out regardless of what we are feeling, happy or sad, positive or negative, nervous or calm...what ever we are feeling is sent out in rippling effects, like when you throw a rock in a lake and you see the ripples that extend beyond! Now imagine if each one of us took responsibility for our own lives and focused on love, harmony, peace, and abundance! Imagine sending out that energy in rippling effect? Imagine how everyone and everything would be effected?!

So please I urge you, stop what no longer serves you in a positive way, instead use that powerful human mind and stop numbing it with routines and negative distractions and regain your focus!
Remember you have purpose here, you have not come to just "pass the time" you have reason and a project to complete! Focus on you, and take your time, be gentle, loving and kind with yourself!
The old saying that you can not love another until you love yourself....well it is preciously this way! You must begin with you! If you feel you do not deserve love and you do not feed yourself beautiful encouraging words; if you do not believe this for yourself you could never truly believe it for anyone else. So set aside the idea that thinking for yourself is selfish because it is the other way around! Your kids, family, friends, co workers, and the strangers you pass on the street will benefit MUCH more if you stand in a beautiful, peaceful, positive place inside your self! So in reality EVERYONE BENEFITS!!!

Now remember the quicker you focus on refining yourself, and doing all the tune ups the quicker you could get out of your routine and into Your Big Project!!!

Luv and Light, and Freedom of choice!