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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Are You Ready???

It seems that most people are finally beginning to understand what energy is and that it is VERY much a HUGE part of who we are! It comes with us wherever we go and we exchange it everywhere, with everyone and with everything that surrounds us! There is no denying it!

Knowing that we carry our energy and exchange it, should give you enough reason to check in with your energy and make sure you are vibrating at a high vibration!
Stop what doesn't serve you well, what doesn't help you feel good. Stop feeding yourself words that are discouraging, threatening, stressful, or fearful. Stop associating yourself with individuals that DO NOT make you feel good, perhaps drain you or stress you out!

Make choices for yourself! Build yourself up STRONG! Stop choosing to be a victim and become a solid, calm, assertive, well balanced human being! This is a gift you can give yourself that the whole universe and everything it can benefit from!

You see, a well balanced person lives a well balanced life and everything responds in a positive manner! WHAT YOU ARE YOU ATTRACT! WHAT YOU BELIEVE COMES TRUE FOR YOU! HOW YOU THINK, SPEAK, AND FEEL GETS PUT OUT AND COMES RIGHT BACK! This is why you can never live a life that you can complain about without contributing to it; in other words take responsibility for your life because you are the one creating or attracting the very same things you are complaining about!!! If you find this difficult to believe, that everything you say and do doesn't contribute to what you see presently around you than do me a favor: try and transform yourself, your thoughts, beliefs, and how you spend your time...try it and then see if there is any change. I myself have begun this process years and years ago and I KNOW that there is a MASSIVE difference! My whole world changed and this is why I use my precious time to write these blogs and try to reach out to you so that you too may be as content as I now am in my life because I know all too well what stress is, how anxiety feels, and what overwhelment, frustration, and anger feels like! So I want you to know that there are very many of us who have gone down that same path, experienced every same emotion but have found the treasure of GOLD and I for one want to share it with you!
Answers that are too simple can be difficult to believe because we are such complex beings filled with logical thinking and so we believe the answers must be just as complex or complicated BUT THEY ARE NOT! The answers are EXTREMELY SIMPLE!!!

In our store(Fiori) you will always find Louise L. Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life, I push this book to every human I see who has open energy and is ready for change, okay sometimes I will try it on a less opened person and there are times I succeed! I constantly rant and rave about this book because she explains it so simply and clearly!!! If you walk into a 'self-help' section in a book store you will see that there are sooooo many books, perhaps too many. BUT THIS BOOK IS THE ONLY ONE!!! Louise is a true angel who breaks it down so simply ANYONE can understand it! And the best part is IT TRULY WORKS!!! There is no other book EVER written that can sum it up as well as she does and she wrote this book in 1976!!!

You are surrounded by ALL the answers you need, all the guidance you need, and all the teachers you need...but as they say, the student MUST be ready!!!



Luv and Light,