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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Don't Forget What's Important!

We were not brought to this earth only to work, pay bills, make our meals and watch television! Don't you ever wonder what your true purpose is?! I mean do you REALLY, LITERALLY ever ask yourself, "why am I here and what is my purpose?" By NOT asking this question how will you ever know?!

We are here to experience life and all it has to offer, YES! Life's experiences are amazing and we are here to live each and every moment to the fullest! However if you are living your life unhappy, stressed, overwhelmed or fearful then you are wasting your precious energy and missing out on all the true beauty this life has to offer you! I am in the same world, on the same planet as you so I know what living in 2009 means! I have also had a taste of what a fearful, stressful life has to offer and have CHOSEN to live a different life, happier, choosing to not be a sheep in the chaos but rather choosing to listen to my thoughts, changing the negative ones, choosing how and where to spend my time and precious energy, even if at times it doesn't content others. I have learnt that this is my life to live and by choosing to do things that are important to me it sometimes involves another person not being content and I now know that that is more than okay because I am not here ONLY to please others, besides if you try to please everyone(which I have spent many years doing) you will find that it will drain you, and keep you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Each one of us needs to take care of ourselves and only then can we reach out to help others!

We are experiencing LIFE! This is a gift in itself and if you are not enjoying the ride then there are obviously things within yourself that you need to change. Sometimes it is forgiveness of ourselves and sometimes we need to begin to remind ourselves of how fortunate we really are!

Look around you, are you healthy? Can you walk, talk, see, and hear? These simple yet amazing things we can sometimes forget to give thanks for and these are truly precious gifts! The roof over your head, the food you eat, the air you breath...all priceless beautiful gifts! Remember what's important and give thanks for your gifts! Remaining in state of gratitude will always bring you back to realise how fortunate you are!

So please do not become brainwashed by other people's opinions or what the media thinks you "should" look like! Life is too important to waste on distractions that don't matter! Be true to yourself, be kind and respectful to yourself and to the world and all it contains and please check in with yourself and make sure you are wearing a smile both inside and out!!!

Luv and Light,