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Friday, September 25, 2009

Don't Waste Your Time!!!

The choices you make in your life can at any moment be changed. You are never stuck! It is ONLY in your belief that you CAN be stuck but in essence you always have a choice!

PLEASE DO NOT SETTLE in your life! Keep moving forward and set goals for yourself! Don't waste your time and don't wait for anyone to catch up! Just focus on what direction you want to take in your life and keep going! Become all you've ever desired to be and awaken your mind and senses with things that fill you up with joy!!!
Life is here and its happening every second so don't waste your time! Make everything work WITH you and FOR you; as you spend money watch your thinking and make sure it is a positive thinking pattern; as you cook, walk, talk, drive, work, eat, bathe....whatever it is you are doing make sure you are vibrating lovingly in joy!!!!! Every single action, thought and emotion is helping create your reality!!! So PAY ATTENTION!!!!! REMOVE YOUR VICTIM COSTUME AND MOVE FORWARD!!! You see, many people explain to me how much they want to be "over there" yet they are so wrapped up in where they are "presently stuck" and do not realise that because their attention is so wrapped up in "being stuck" they REMAIN stuck!!! So get out of your circle of pity and fear!!! The more attention you give to something the more it will remain REAL in your life!!! So focus and FEEL what it is you DO want and where you WANT to be and let go of the rest!!!!!! Easier said than done...I know, I have been there and until you make A CONSCIOUS DECISION TO CHANGE everything you need to change in your life, and until YOU make THE EFFORT you will remain where you are...if you are content of where you are and how your life is unfolding GREAT!!! And I say to you: keep doing what you're doing!!! This message is for those who feel stuck and want a different outcome in their lives....

Today is a NEW day! One you have never lived will you greet the day? What will you do different today to help make your day AMAZING??? What can you change in your thoughts or actions? Ask yourself and then DO IT!!!!

With Luv and Light I urge you to take a stand in your life and reconnect with who you truly are!!!!!!