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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lifes' Little Boxes!!!

How is it that there are people who are still living life in a small box when there is a whole universe that surrounds them? Every conversation we share can be enticing and life transforming as much as it can be a waste of is here for us NOT to lock ourselves in little boxes, rather for us to spread our wings and fly as high as we can towards beautiful, magnificent things!!! How is it that people choose to keep forgetting this? Perhaps the fear they choose to live off keeps them wanting to feel "safe" and they believe that their little tiny boxes can provide that?! On the contrary! Those boxes will keep you from experiencing the true beauty life has to offer! With no "risk" ever taken in your life, no goals or push to be and do more...really??? Are you choosing to settle??? Are you happy with "just enough"? If you knew you could be, do or have anything in mass amounts would you still choose to live in a little box???

So what is it that drives you? Motivates you? Fills you with utter joy and contentment? Or are you afraid to dream? Perhaps you're afraid of being too selfish by dreaming too big??? Do you really want to live your life with constant limitations??? WHY??? Where is your fear coming from? Something you were taught a long time ago as a child? Are you carrying old thoughts you aren't even aware of??? Someone else's thoughts and beliefs that do not serve you well??? WAKE UP and start paying attention!!! Ask yourself where your thoughts are coming from, filter out what works for you and what doesn't! Start saying things you actually WANT to believe and SEE unfold in your life!!!

See your life with new eyes today:) Find a new vision that works for you! See an abundance of health, wealth, happiness, laughter and prosperity of every kind! Believe in yourself!!! Be all that you came here to be! GET OUT OF YOUR FEAR MADE BOX AND START LIVING!!!

There is a whole universe and you are VERY MUCH a part of EVERY aspect in it!!! That means your dreams aren't just dreams....they CAN become your reality...if you let it!!!

Luv, Light, Clarity, and Dreams!!!