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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Never, Ever Stop Dreaming!!!

What is so scary about believing in something bigger? How have we let our lives shrink down so much that we are afraid of everything unknown!!! What about getting EXCITED about the unknown? What about dreaming about the beautiful details? Most people don't dream any more, they choose to worry instead?!!?! WHY?!?!!? Do they realise they have a choice??? Perhaps it's too much information in their head? Too many news casts about who's killing who?! Ah Yes, this beautiful population of over informed individuals believe they "need" to know all this stuff! We really need to know every single bad event that occurs AROUND THE WORLD?? And we need to know this on a daily basis?? OUCH! My head hurts just writing that sentence!!!

Come on people! Where is the joy in living a life that is only routine and full of stress with no dreams??? Imagine that! No dreams to believe in?!!
What happen to LIVING and looking forward toward beautiful things?! I am not telling you to put yourself in a bubble -although my pink bubble is quite cozy;) but I urge you to keep dreaming because your dreams are just as important as paying your bills!

I read a book years ago called, The Dolphin's Tooth by Bruce Kirkby, a beautiful book both inside and out! It is a story of a man who finally follows his happiness in adventure and chooses let go of his "regular day to day life" to follow his dreams! I loved this book and was amazed at how this guy chose to live his life in ways that exhilarated him most regardless of the limitations that surrounded him! What I didn't like about this book(at the time) was the feeling of MY reality that it gave me! It made me feel as though I had done absolutely nothing with my life! He made me TRULY understand that there is a whole world out there and I began to look at my day to day life and began to question why I was so happy in my little sheltered world!?
Shortly after reading this book I began to notice a lot of things that I kept so "small" in my life and how I craved for so much more! It became clear to me and every 'meaningless' conversation became easier to depict and began to feel and understand what was just a waste of my time, and what kept me in my little sheltered world...FEAR!!! Things started to change because I started to change the way I looked at things!
We are constantly being taught something and our teachers come in many forms you just need to be aware when they come to you! Like Mr. Bruce Kirkby and his life story of struggle and adventure!

We can learn every day and we are here to keep learning and growing! We are here to dream and live life feeling excited and happy! I hope you will choose to see life with different eyes starting right now! Believe me the longer you hold on to your fears and limitations the smaller your world becomes!!!

Believe in yourself! Trust in your life and never, ever stop dreaming!!!

Luv and Light,