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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Past IS Past and Present IS Present!!!

How were you raised? What belief system was implemented? What do you still carry from your past thoughts? Do you understand that you can let go of anything at any time??? Do you feel the need to carry these old thoughts, beliefs, or patterns because you can not imagine your life any other way???
You must ask yourself WHERE you need to change, WHY it no longer serves you, and HOW you can create new beliefs for yourself!!! Your time is NOW! To delay any longer would be deliberately choosing to keep all the great things awaiting your acceptance to be once again pushed aside and I believe no one wants that! But if you aren't reminded of the responsibility you hold in letting go of your past and creating your present and future, than how can you begin to change anything in your life? LET GO OF THE PAST! IT IS OVER!!! Your holding on to it is the only thing that keeps it activated!!! Don't you feel its time to live your life happy, independent with a constant feeling of joy and safety??? Wouldn't your days be happier filled with excitement? YOU are the only one who can make this happen! There is no person who can actually do it for you so what are you going to do??!! Sit around and watch life unfold any which way OR will you finally begin to take responsibility of your life and begin to create your life of joy and harmony?!
The choice my friends remain as ALWAYS yours to make!!!

Luv and Light,