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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Set A GREAT Example!!!

Okay, here is the thing about the gracious race of woman; woman are emotional beings. This is why we are chosen to carry babies, that "motherly instinct" comes easily to us because we are more emotional than logical, that's the way we are made. Men are more logical beings and their challenge is to tap into their emotional to find balance, while we woman must tap into our logical side to find balance. Life IS about balance! A balanced life is an easy life to lead:)

Girls are raised around insecurity, while boys are raised around confidence(yes, I am generalizing but for the most part this is the common ground) when you see a group of boys they are always trying to prove to each other that "I'm the best!" and the competition will continue; with girls however when there is a girl with prettier hair, we begin to look at our own as "not good enough" why??? Because the pattern began long ago and we allow it to continue. Because society has spent decades telling us how to dress, how to behave, how tall we should be, how we should wear our hair, how much we should weigh...all these controlling "facts" to feel accepted....WHAT?! And we are still following this? That is a clear indication that we continue to be insecure!
Then we have the circle of woman who are around as we grow up, they complain about their weight, they lack self confidence(yes I am still generalising) and an innocent child stores this information and begins to reenact what the other woman around are doing and saying. On the other hand the boys are also influenced by the men around them, and so they are taught that they must be strong, never cry, they must always prove themselves to others, the tougher the better!

So you see, you must begin with what it is that you've learnt and keep what works well for you and let go of the rest. Woman can become complicated beings because we have so many emotions that if we aren't balanced we can become "complicated"....basically this means that we will continue to lead an unbalanced life. So what can we do? WORK ON YOURSELF and become a GREAT example others can learn from! Build yourself from the inside out NOT the other way around because EVERYTHING begins from inside ourselves! The most beautiful physically looking person can only be physically beautiful if their insides are empty! All the old sayings are still around for a reason and "beauty is from within" isn't just a phrase passed around for is around because people have lived and experienced on this planet enough to know what really counts!

We can all lead a beautiful, happy, well balanced life if we CHOOSE to! So whether you are male or female the question I ask you today is; how can you improve your life and in turn effect those around you in a beautiful, positive way so that they may lead a well balanced life themselves?! We have many new little souls on this planet that need our love and guidance and that is enough for me to want to improve myself on every level so that they may lead an AMAZING life for themselves!!!

Luv and Light,