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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stay With That GOOD Feeling Thought!!!

Be an inspiration to yourself! Find strength and courage to be honest with yourself and let yourself become the fabulous being you know you are! Work on yourself continuously so that you may reach out and help another! This life is meant for you to enjoy!!! You are the creator of your reality; so what do you want to see and experience in your daily life?! The more attention you give to something the more you attract it and that is what you will put into your reality!!! So if there are things you DON'T want remove them!!! HOW? STOP THINKING THEM!!! HOW? REPLACE THOSE THOUGHTS WITH NEW ONES!!!

Life gives you what you give it! So if you want peace you must become peaceful, if you want abundance you must start to realise the abundance that you already have! IF YOU FOCUS ON THE LACK OF SOMETHING YOU WILL KEEP CREATING EXACTLY THAT!!!
A rampage of gratitude will always keep you on a good path because the moment you focus on being grateful for what you DO have the more space you create for more gifts!!!
Start thinking about the things you want- NOT with the thoughts of how desperately you want them, or all the reasons why you can not have them!!! INSTEAD just focus on what you want with the EXCITEMENT of what it FEELS like to have them! Dream like a little child, with out reason of why its impossible but rather with only ENJOYING thinking about it and I promise you the more you stay in that joyous thought the quicker it will be delivered!!!

Allow your plentiful gifts to be delivered, you are the only one stopping them from coming to you!!!

Abundance of Luv and Light to you!!!