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Monday, September 21, 2009

Stop The Separation!!!

We are supposed to unite as people, not separate ourselves! There are too many ways we can choose to separate people from one another. Society helps a great deal with this; we even have different 'classes' of people, let's see, there's lower class, middle class, we even have this separation on planes. Why not make the whole plane first class? Doesn't everyone deserve to have a comfortable seat?
Religion is one that has stuck with me since childhood. Why so many religions? Why so many wars, fights and arguments about religion??? If religion is supposed to teach us about love and kindness then are we going against our religion if we fight or argue over it? I believe that you should let people believe in what THEY choose to believe in and STOP trying to convince them other wise!
I believe in being a good person, living an honest life, being kind, friendly, patient, understanding, helping others who are in need and live every day with love and gratitude in my heart.....whatever religion that is!
I have seen too many people go regularly to their religious centers, and shortly after they leave or while they are there, spend their time criticising others, or then go about their day lying, being conniving, vindictive, selfish, or just plain mean! What's the point then?!
You are missing the whole true meaning of what your religion is trying to teach you! I am not trying to say that there is no room for error, but generally speaking if you consider yourself as a religious person and you do not truly love yourself or feel as though you are leading a good, pure, honest kind of life then I would say to you: work on yourself, know that you are not better than anyone and that we are all made from the same components, we all arrive here the same way and we all take the same exit door when we leave, so shake yourself up and realise what it is you need to do to ameliorate yourself on a daily basis so that you may succeed in every aspect of your life!!!

So let us try to reunite ourselves and create peace, harmony and love!!! And the very first step is to begin within ourselves!!!

I now choose peace, love and harmony in my life!
I now allow myself to be the best person I can be!
I do my best to contribute to this world in the most positive way I know how!
I now allow love to fill me up and guide me through my days!

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Luv and Light to us all,