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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tell A Different Story!!!

Allow things to happen!
How do you feel reading this statement? Really do you believe in it? Why or why not???

Do you ever wonder why you feel the need to control or decide everything in your life? Is your reasoning because its' "being responsible"?
Well, what about letting go and trusting the process of life? What about asking for what you want and believing that you are deserving to receive it? What about not being afraid to desire more? To be deserving of more? Why choose to settle with the mere necessities??? Life is here for you! Do you know this?! Do you REALLY believe this??? Have you forgotten your childhood dreams?

Do you continuously smile and enjoy your days excited about life? Or is your life too 'busy and stressful'??? WHY??? YOU are the one making the decisions right? So why is life not working the way you would like it to??? Do you need to make changes? Perhaps different choices? Or perhaps you need to JUST LET GO, TRUST, AND ALLOW THINGS TO HAPPEN AND STOP TRYING TO FIGURE IT ALL OUT YOURSELF!!!

Your life unfolds second by second and at ANY second you choose to experience something else! You can shift your emotion at ANY time!!! You are ALWAYS FREE! Remember this! No one is a victim...we choose to be victims! Take the experience, learn from it and MOVE ON!!! Do not waste your time feeling sorry for yourself! Instead GET EXCITED!!! Open yourself up to new things! No one likes a complainer, not even your own self, so tell A DIFFERENT STORY!!! Stop complaining and start living!
Complain about traffic and you'll get more traffic, complain about your stress and you'll get more stress, complain about your kids and they will give you more to complain about!!! Are you getting this? Is it clear?!!! If so, then will you now, in this very moment, make a promise to yourself to tell a different story?!!

This is your life and you are here for a limited time, so how would you like to live it? Please get out of the victim suits, out of the chaos, out of the line up of followers, take a nice deep breath, realise you are alive and find the trust in your heart to know that life ALWAYS guides you and supports you and enjoy the ride with a smile!!!

Luv and Light,