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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank YOU!

I want you to understand the true power you hold inside yourself! The few seconds you take to sit in silence and send someone in need some white light of healing can truly transform and shift any situation! There is always sunshine even when there is rain, the sun ALWAYS SHINES!!! Please remember this and understand that the moments you take to shift a situation are always VERY effective! When you focus on what you want with calm, assertive, positive, loving energy, that energy instantly reaches whatever or whoever you are reaching out to!!! You are VERY powerful and with your deliberate intention toward something, you can help create whatever it is you want!

I experienced yet another miracle today and I am very grateful for it!
Love IS and will always remains THE miracle cure!
Your belief in it activates it and therefore becomes your tool to helping others and of course yourself!
It is important to keep yourself balance and aligned and this way when someone needs your help you can reach out and help them! This is why I have said so many times in my blogs that it is important you take care of yourself first because when we do so we are free and capable of helping others!
Life on this planet is about humanity, loving, respecting and helping our fellow humans! We are ALL very powerful, there is no one who has more than the other, it is a matter of who chooses to tap into it, and how much we choose to tap into it, but we are all the same! We all have the same capabilities it is our choosing to reach in, quiet ourselves and unfold the magic!

Today I urge you to be grateful for all that you have! Appreciate your life and all it contains and PLEASE choose to tap into your powers, tap into yourself, let go of fear and realise how much you have inside that can help you help others!!! We all need each other!!!

Thank you for being and contributing to this reality on our planet! I am grateful you are here and it just wouldn't be the same without you! You have reason and purpose so spend more time allowing it to be revealed to you!

Thank you for being!!!

Luv and Light,