For those with flexible minds!

These are my thoughts of love and light! I hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Wake up and think:

How can I get myself motivated myself today? What can I get excited about?
What about my legs that work so well and take me from place to place? Is that not amazing enough to excited about it? What about if my legs didn't work well, or at all? How would that feel? Better?
I think that could kick start a feeling of appreciation although it is steams from a fearful thought, but if it can be used to keep you in an appreciative place inside yourself, then GREAT! because eventually it will be automatic to get excited about your healthy legs and everything else in your universe!
Get yourself in gear! Use whatever thought you can find to really get excited about your day and be consistent with it THROUGHOUT your day! There are so many things you can get excited about! It is in your choosing to think about the great things in your life that will motivate and ignite you and keep you in a happy, positive state!!

What about a beautiful smell coming from the kitchen...doesn't that give you a happy excited emotion? Doesn't that warm your heart like a BIG HUG?! That's why I believe that people who love to cook have big hearts and you could almost feel it in their food!!! If you find yourself to be the " not so good chef " I have a trick for you: as you begin to think the thought of having to make a meal I want you to pause, as though to literally stop the next thought before it can enter your mind, and say, "I am going to make a beautiful meal." Then as you reach in the fridge and cupboards I want you to bless your food so as you go along you ask that your food may be filled with love, harmony, abundance, clarity, beauty, kindness, health, light, patience, laughter, and wealth!!! And anyone who eats it will be filled with these precious gifts!!!
SOUNDS NUTS? OKAY, TRY THIS: cut up your vegetables and go into your fridge or cupboard and prepare your meal all the while thinking stressful thoughts; think about your work, bills, laundry, and all the many things you have to do and then start stressing about your family, your kids, their problems and lastly begin to stress about tomorrow?
Does that sound better? Now imagine when you eat this food, and those around you eat it... how will that food effect them? Do you really believe it wouldn't make a difference???

You see, I strongly believe that whatever you give out you will find, everything is effected, nothing goes untouched by your every thought and emotion, you HAVE an effect on EVERYTHING! You contribute to every part of this entire world! Maybe you couldn't believe that you are so very important and that the whole universe is a part of you and intern you effect the entire universe! But this IS the truth! You are part of everything and everything is a part of you! Everything is connected!!!

Remember the beautiful things in your life! Embrace the gifts you ALREADY have so you may let in the new ones!!! Life is here for you!!! REMEMBER?!!!

Luv, Light and Appreciation!!!