For those with flexible minds!

These are my thoughts of love and light! I hope you enjoy them!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Balance in body mind and soul is essential in this life! So why do I hear so may of you fussing over calories and fat? What a waste of time and energy! I realise in a world of junk food and processed foods that we have to make our way toward HEALTHY eating but not in an obsessive way! Stop yourself from eating junk 24/7 but DO NOT beat yourself up over food! Food is one of the wonderful pleasures of life! STOP THINKING SO MUCH ABOUT IT!!!
This goes for anything and everything you obsess over! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Now that you have stopped yourself, start over! Yes! That same second! Start over! Replace you're "beating yourself up" method with "I now allow myself to love myself thoroughly" method!
So you hate yourself as your paying for those pair of boots you really don't need? STOP and REPLACE! "I spend my money with love knowing that I am helping the economy and getting a bran new pair of boots that I love and will enjoy!!!"

What about the cookies your eating? Feeling guilty thinking of how may calories they contain and how fat their going to make you and how bad you are for eating them? STOP and REPLACE! "I love these cookies! They taste so yummy and I enjoy every bite!"

Stressing yourself about work? Thinking about everything you need to do and going back and forth in your mind? Wondering if your on the right path? In the right place in your life? At the job that is right for you? STOP and REPLACE! "I know I am continuously being guided in the right direction and that every single detail in my life takes care of itself! I am always safe in all that I do and I am always in the right place, doing exactly what I need to be doing! All details take care of themselves! This is a new day and I am excited to be ALIVE!!!"

Every single thing you do could be a joyous, beautiful experience and as you shift your thinking you begin to create a life you LOVE to live! With this you will begin to transform your reality into unlimited beauty and abundance of every kind!

As I always say; The choice my dear friends is ALWAYS yours!

Luv, Light and Transformation!!!