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Friday, October 30, 2009

Exercise Daily!!!

The point is to do the "work" BEFORE stressful things happen in your life!
It is funny to see how when we get nervous or become afraid then we are ready to learn how to help change our lives.
If you do your daily work, when you feel good and happy, then when you don't feel so good you don't need to worry because then all the work you have done kicks into gear! When you need it most, it kind of takes over to make things a lot easier for you! That is when you can see how well taken care of we are! Instead of forcing yourself to "feel better" you will be comforted beyond belief! We are ALWAYS well taken care of, we just need to open ourselves up!!!

Imagine it like taking care of your body: you exercise regularly, you eat great foods, you get lots of rest and fresh now when you have that "unexpected trip" to the beach come up, you are ready to go! The one who hasn't done the work goes into panic mode and starts drinking plenty of water and starts to exercise.....but how much result can you get in such a short time? You do get some but the more you put in the more results you get!!! So people I urge you do the work BEFORE!!! You WILL benefit in EVERY WAY!!!

Do not wait to put your knowledge into practice! If you do find yourself in a difficult time then please ask someone who inspires you to help! But whatever you do begin to EXERCISE DAILY!!!

Luv and Light