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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get Up and Get Out!!!

Throw yourself out of your routine!!!
If you are doing something over and over again, get up and get out!!! It is your responsibility to keep the cells in your body alive and kicking!!!
Routines are okay for the most part, particularly if you have children, but try as much as you can to change the littlest things.
Change the conversation, the radio station, the road you take....basically it does not have to be on a large scale just make sure you aren't falling into "same old" routines!
Doing the same action over and over again keeps our bodies responding in the same way over and over again; with this you create stubbornness and of course an extreme resistance to change!!! We then become people who just want to keep doing what they are doing and nothing else! Everything else then becomes a nuisance!

You hear so much about how walks are great for you; the fresh air and the movement is essential in clearing and revitalizing your cells! I know some countries get pretty cold but we know how to bundle ourselves up right?! So try as much as you can to go out there and take a walk DAILY!
I have been raised this way; seeing my father who looks absolutely amazing and is in fantastic shape has always taken a daily walk, and has always encouraged me and reminded me all the reasons how it does the body, mind, and soul good!!! And he's right! I feel so good when I do so!!! So energized!!!

So perhaps park your car a little further today. Listen to some classical music? Maybe have a tea instead of coffee. Take a walk at lunch? Perhaps you need to put your phone on silent when you get home. Maybe learn to cook something different tonight? Pick up a book that has been sitting on your shelf that you've been meaning to read or go for a walk after dinner?

WHATEVER people!!! The point is KICK YOURSELF INTO GEAR!!!
Let's go!!! The more routine you fall into, the more BORING your life becomes and our body, mind, and soul responds to this!!! So PLEASE say NO to routine and GET UP AND GET OUT!!!

Luv and Light,