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Friday, October 16, 2009

Go Back In Time In Your Mind!

Nothing NEEDS to be stressful. Nothing needs to be strenuous. Nothing needs to be difficult!

I drove a lot of people crazy when I was younger and used to say, "don't worry about it" this was a sentence I used to use A LOT!!! But eventually their reminders of WHY I NEEDED to "worry about it" took over...after all I was the only one believing in this super comforting statement...and so unsupported I gave in and found myself believing a new statement, one that didn't make me feel any where nearly as good as the earlier one, but as I was instructed by many and so this became my new belief system and my path toward anxiety, sleepless nights, fear of everything and anything, feeling undeserving of anything and most of all; my steps toward not believing in myself, this universe or anything around me... oh yeah let's add fear of dying to that! So after years of listening to my teachers, friends, grandparents and so forth I found myself in the self help section of Chapter ready for help, ANY help!!! Desperate and scared....wait a minute all this from one statement? YEAP!!!
The same way all of our history would be very different with one different move; like if woman hadn't fought for their liberty or equal rights? The same way Rosa Parks sat on the "wrong" seat on that bus, the invention of the Internet, cell phones, cars, the same way the government keeps all its secrets revealing one tiny bit of information at a time...okay I won't get too deep here but I want to exaggerate my point so that you can see how one little belief begins a whole cycle of things. It is up to you to go back to that belief; the root of it and change it!!
Do all of this with love! Our peers were only doing the best they knew how and we can not hate them for it! They wanted the best for us, to be safe, protected and headed in the right direction. So you can not put blame on anyone, you can only see for yourself what beliefs work for you and you want to keep and find a filtering system for the rest. That's it!

Luv, Luv, and more LUV!!!