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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The GREAT Things About You!!!

What are your strong points? What is amazing and original about you?
How strong and fit you are? Your humor? Your sense of understanding? The interesting topics you bring up in a conversation? Your creativity? Your original sense of style? Your uniqueness? Your quirkiness? Your grace? Your ability to organize? To manage? To keep things under control? Your amazing smile? Your voice? Your eyes? The way you always remember to stop and smell the flowers? Your love for animals? People? The planet? Your loving energy? Your nurturing ways? Your kind heart? Your great sense of humor? Your business driven mind? Your strong determination? Your great way to reason? Your patience? Your generosity? Your peacefulness? Your craziness?

Please, loving wonderful souls that you all are, I urge you to start looking at the zillions of ways you are magnificent!!! The millions of ways you add so much to people's lives and the planet!!! You are worth SO MUCH and I want you to remind yourselves of all the GREAT qualities you carry with you each day!!! You are AMAZING and I want you to spend more time focusing in detail how truly wonderful you are! Quit the "beating yourself up" syndrome your stressful mind has gotten you into and STEP INTO THE LIGHT SO THAT YOU MAY SHINE LIKE THE STAR YOU TRULY ARE!!!

Luv and Light,