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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Want To Be Beautiful

Regardless if you physically look like a model, or spend all your time trying to look like one, the only way to have true endless beauty is to turn the light on inside of you. When we shine from the inside we become and remain beautiful and radiant. Our inner connection is where our true beauty lives. You can meet the most beautiful woman, or the most handsome man and if their insides are empty their physical beauty will quickly begin to fade. The same person you used to think of as beautiful isn't as beautiful when their insecurities and uncertainties begin presenting themselves. Beauty thrives on confidence, self love and true inner happiness. Learn to love and respect yourself, this will help you turn on that inner light.

How beautiful is someone who continuously nags, bickers, pouts and complains? How about someone who is extremely insecure and quickly intimidated by anyone who they think is better looking or more successful than them- isn't their beauty harder to see. If you want to be beautiful quit fighting with yourself. Stop trying to be someone else, and start loving every aspect of yourself. Watch your inner conversation, make sure you speak to yourself in the same way you would speak to someone you love and respect! 

Each of us has the power and the choice to truly love ourselves and in doing so we allow the connection to our inner light making us shine with true beauty! 

Luv and Light,

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