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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Learn To Say THANK YOU!!!

Is it so challenging to remain positive and happy in your world?

Are you homeless, jobless that life seems tough? Are you blind, deaf, or can't taste or smell anything? Is this why you are down on life? Or are you none of those things and STILL find something to complain about?
Do you realise how fortunate you are? Regardless of your income or what the neighbours have that you don't! If you can read this blog than I know for sure you have two things to be grateful for: another day on the planet and your eyesight!!!
We sometimes need to go to the basics to understand that we MUST appreciate ALL that we have! If you find this unimportant I recommend taking a walk in a children's hospital, or any hospital for that matter and take a good look around! As I have said before, we are like spoiled brats forgetting all the wonderful gifts we have already and we keep pointing to what we want that's "over there" completely forgetting to be grateful for what we already have!!!

When you can begin to be grateful for the things you already have you will see that you will find more to be grateful for and more gifts will find their way to you!!! So please I urge you to begin your rampage of appreciation and never stop! The more grateful you are the more you will get to be grateful for! I can not say it any clearer!

Life loves and supports us!!!

Luv and Light,