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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Living Your Life In Prison?

What are you thinking living your life filled with things that don't work well with you, feeling feeling you don't like, doing things you dread doing?
Are you thinking you do not have any other choice?
Do you believe your life is about settling and paying the bills?
Sounds like a prison to me!
Is it so difficult for you to make your own choices and your own decisions? If you find a million reasons why you must continue in the little prison that you find yourself in, well I say find a million reasons why you don't have to keep yourself there!
The same way you found your way into this life of settling, you can find the way to a better, more interesting life doing the things you love!
Indeed it will mean making decisions only you may agree with but this life is yours, we each have our own; and yes, I know that you're thinking how it can effect those around you and I will again remind you how those who surround you, those who love you will enjoy seeing you filled with light when you are doing what ever it is you love most! We are all at our best doing the things we love and in turn everything around us responds in the same way we are responding to ourselves and our own lives!!!

My best advice to you today is GET OUT OF YOUR PRISON LIFE and move into a life you love to live! After all you are here right now, so what exactly are you waiting for???

Tick Tock....

Luv and Light Eternally,