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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Old Stubborn Thinking?....

Are you already stuck in some sort of routine in your life?
Not just with your time but in your mind? Do you try different things to keep both your mind and the physical you flexible? Or are continuously in that same frame of thinking and doing?
Do you block out certain things you hear because it doesn't agree with your beliefs? Have you ever tried to just listen to someone elses' opinion or remarks without judgement?
Can you?
This society helps us believe that judging someone is okay ESPECIALLY when they are doing something "wrong", but it is wrong for us to judge no matter what the situation. If someone is doing something that you are in disagreement with; observe and let go. After all if we do not have contrasts in our lives of the things we do NOT want then how can we be clear on what we do want???!!!

Getting back to my point: are you stubborn in your thinking and in your life? WHY? Do you know that going with the flow of things will always make your life simpler to live?! Resistance of any kind on the other hand makes for challenges and frustrations! This is your life. YOU decide how you want to live it, I am merely pointing out the facts:)

You are here for a limited time, this we all agree on right? No one really knows their exit date right? So I am reminding you that every moment counts! We need to be reminded of these things today because in our "busy" lives we forget! We're like cities of spoiled brats running around!!! SO WAKE UP PEOPLE AND PAY ATTENTION!!! This very moment will NOT return and neither will the next! So if you wish to spend these precious moments rethinking and reliving the past go ahead, if you choose to block yourself from being flexible and flowing and remain resistant to new knowledge, go ahead. As I have said over and over again in my blogs: the choice is ALWAYS yours!!!

With Immense Luv and Light for you all!