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Monday, October 5, 2009

Read Please...

It is VERY important you remember these two things today: always write down your things to do; your "to do" list and stop trying to figure everything out, all those tiny details, so that your mind isn't too busy to hear what the next step is!

Writing down your items and then checking them off as you go along ALWAYS removes clutter from your mind, and by checking them off you feel a sense of accomplishment- no matter how small the task...after all it is still a task. By removing an item off your list, is removing it from your mind, and you create less space for back and forth contemplation and create more space for the answers to ALL your questions....the how, who, where, when...all those details ARE NOT YOURS TO FIGURE OUT!!! That is what the universe does FOR you! YES! For FREE!!! All you have to do is quiet down so that you can hear what you need to say or do next!!! Simple enough??

Why is this important? Today there are WAY too many people scrambling to "keep up" and if not put under control, will drive them to break down, so I am reminding you of the VERY SIMPLE steps this universe has for us to do so that all these little steps together can bring our stress levels down A LOT quicker than we can EVER imagine!

Please do not push aside these simple tasks they are here to make your life simpler and you can not know until you try!

Luv, Light and Courage to you!