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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This One Goes Out To All The Ladies!!!

Wake up time ladies!!! I want all you beautiful goddess to wake up and stop the complaining!!! I have been witness to too many circles of " gossipy, judgmental, complaining so called conversations" and I think its time to remind you of what a waste of energy and actually, how BAD it is for you, all the people who join in, and all those you include in your stories!
YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT! You have better things to put your energy on!!! Life is not about dreams you hope for and get fuzzy about just to get those same dreams and then drill them to the ground with your excessive complaining!!!
You have powers Ladies!
Each human; male, female, younger or older, YOU ALL have beautiful powers!! Everything you give your attention to prospers and grows! That means your circle of toxic discussion gives you more to have toxic discussion on! Alright that takes us to the next point: addiction to this toxic circles of friendship....oh yes these circles become very addictive and many are so wrapped up they can't get out...or at least they choose not to, and some don't even realise that they are doing it, or that they help those circles enlarge themselves in rippling effect!!!

My message for you today LADIES is STOP!!!
Stop being so insecure! No human is alike and we are meant to be that way! She has longer legs, that one has a great behind, that one has gorgeous hair, this one has beautiful eyes, that one has great breasts, this one has a voluptuous body, that one is courageous, this one is funny, that one knows how to hold a conversation, this one has serious fashion sense....I can go on forever!!! THE POINT IS LOVE YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE!!! And please know that you are PERFECT that way!
As woman we have too many magazines reminding us of all the reasons we're not good enough WELL GET OVER IT!!! No matter what anybody say ONLY YOU can remind yourself that you are amazing and that this planet is blessed with the beauty(in a gazillion different forms- and I mean much more than just physical) so appreciate each others strengths and beauty, learn from one another and let us reunite by helping each other and helping our relationships of nourishment for the planet and all it contains GROW!

The biggest fault woman have ARE THEIR INSECURITIES!!! SO WORK ON THEM!!! Be proud of who you are and make those same toxic circles those of loving powerful words that can help create a better reality....the same one your complaining about! YES! Take all those words you say and flip them around so that they may begin CHANGING!!! If you don't change the conversation the result WILL NEVER be different!!!

Are you ready to greet your inner goddess and let her shine??? Are you ready to walk tall and fulfill your deepest desires? Are you ready to feel AMAZING about yourself???

From one goddess to the other I say: YOU GO GIRL!!!

Luv and Light and BEAUTY!!!