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Friday, October 23, 2009

Too Many Thoughts, Not Enough Space?!

Too many thoughts running through your mind? Not enough room in your mind for more?
Constant negative thinking getting the best of you? Thoughts of fears and stress consuming you? If this sounds like you then you need some quite time! Time to SLOW DOWN the thinking!
Sloooowwwly! Very SLOWLY! Be gentle with yourself, always! Don't beat yourself up or nervously avoid a negative thought. Instead when that thought comes up, LOVINGLY release it and replace it!
Take a moment both in the morning and before you go to bed to take some deep breaths and slow yourself down. Breath and realise with each breath that you are blessed with the gift of LIFE!

Life is here to offer you whatever it is you want! Feelings of deserving are important to keep and thoughts that are fear based need to be released! Think of yourself as a computer that needs updates and clearing of files. Hit the delete button every now and again! Remove what you do not need!

As you know by now I am a HUGE Louise L. Hay fan and as she says in one of her many amazing audio tapes... something like: "when we are lying in bed and feel a pain, our minds can be so quick to jump to extremes and before you know it we are planing our funeral!"
I found this to be hilarious because I have done this many times in my past! I was so taken by fear and stress that my thoughts would hit extremities! Extremities that I would not be able to reach today. I have spent too much time working on myself to be that old paranoid person I once was...thank goodness:)
But I know what a busy mind means and it is why I have dedicated so much of my time polishing, and filtering my computer and believe me what ever effort you put in is the result you will find in your reality!

Each one of us is different, so find what works best for you! But please keep in mind that you must do what feeds your EVERYTHING! That means SPIRIT, body and mind! Life is about finding balance and that means ALL aspects need to be balanced if your too much to one side you will feel OUT of balance!
YES, the rules of life actually ARE that simple!!!

Luv, Light and TRUTH!!!