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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wake Up Sheep...Sheep, Wake UP!!!

No one can get inside your head. No one can think for you! You know this of course but you need to be reminded because your head gets clouded with crap...yes I said crap! Because too many of you walk around inattentively to ANYTHING that is going on inside you or around you!!!
When I say listen to your thinking, it isn't because I love to repeat myself 100 times over it is because I KNOW that your thoughts are what helps you create the same life you live to complain about!!! What you believe DOES, no matter what, come true for you!
So I say it in one blog, it sits in your head for a few moments, maybe even longer, and then you turn on your radio and listen to the traffic report and get all stressed out, and then you quit paying attention to your thinking and just let a whole bunch of more stressful, unfulfilled words get up in there and start steering you in the other direction!
WHAT IS IT WITH YOU??? Why is my question?! Why, knowing you have a choice, WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO ALLOW MORE CRAP IN YOUR ALREADY CRAP FILLED MIND???!!!
I realise I am being a little loud here but I'm getting your attention right?! Just like the brain washing news or gossip magazines you NEED to look at! Are you getting this? Is it coming through clear enough! If you choose to let the world tell you what to eat, wear, say, think, do, and feel....well my little sheep I think its time you take a stand in your own life!!!
We ARE INDEED over exposed, over informed, and overly BRAINWASHED!!! But if you do not do anything about it you will eventually drill yourself to a breaking point! John Lennon preached and preached about all of this and I encourage you to replace that traffic report with his "best of" album...perhaps you can listen to the song, Working Class Hero?!

Luv, Light and COURAGE!!!