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Friday, October 9, 2009

What Are You Thinking???

What goes through your head when you are making a purchase? When you're punching in your pin number? What are your thoughts? And then what are your emotions?
If you take the time to PAY ATTENTION to your thoughts and emotions you can see what your relationship with money is! By paying deliberate attention to it, you can choose to- IN THAT VERY MOMENT- lovingly CHANGE your thought and AUTOMATICALLY you will vibrate a different emotion!!

Money is an energy as is health, food, shelter, relationships....everything begins from your belief system and in turn YOU create the abundance or lack of!!!
Those blue prints in your brain!!! Only you can alter them, readjust or replace! But if you spend your life time never paying any attention to it than it will of course remain as it is!
How can something change with your begging or pleading??? If you claim something as already being true for you eventually it will!! If you continue in panic mode to beg, "please! please! please!" you can use as much energy as you want you will forever remain in begging mode!!! Why? Because even if something isn't true at this very moment doesn't mean it won't happen! But if you already shoot down your dream about it, well my friends you've shot down the dream!!! There is really nothing left because lets face it, if YOU don't feel deserving enough and believe that money and success is only for "those" people and you can never have an abundance of it, then that is preciously what you get back because that is what you believe!!!

So ask yourself what is my belief about money? Success? Abundance?
Watch your thoughts VERY carefully and CHANGE the "non deserving, panicky" ones!
Take responsibility of your own life and know that NO MATTER WHAT, EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH YOU!!! If your spouse, parent, friend, partner, boss reminds you of the "lack of" know that you have a choice to keep their belief or just let it go out the same way it came in!

You ALWAYS have a choice! You have your very own computer(mind) and you can run ANY program on it so please, if you don't like some one's program DON'T install it!!!

Luv, Light and unlimited abundance to you all!!!