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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whenever, Wherever!

You can, at ANY time increase your energy level and begin to feel better- regardless of how "bad, sad, or difficult" a situation may feel!
I want to remind you that you can FLIP your emotions AND that same situation around! Understand that you hold major power in the situations that unfold in your life no matter how big or small! You really need to watch your thinking because that is where it all begins!
Your thoughts create a belief, that belief becomes an emotion, that emotion becomes a vibration, that vibration is send out and VOILA! You have helped create your reality!
If you don't like your reality, then you must go back to where you've planted that seed, YES! Your thinking!
One positive thought and 1 million negative thoughts will NOT help you create what it is you want! You must always begin by watching your thinking! ONLY YOU have this control! You are the ONLY thinker in your mind and you contribute to EVERY aspect in your life with your thoughts, emotions and vibrations so PLEASE quit pointing the finger and take a look inside yourself! What is going on? What are you thinking??? Go ahead and replace those negative thoughts with positive ones, ones that work FOR YOU!!!
Be gentle with yourselves! ONE THOUGHT AT A TIME! Watch the, "I can''s impossible" statements and know that YOU CAN and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!


Luv and Light Eternally!!!