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Monday, October 19, 2009

You Need YOU!

That is what you need right now! You need to realign yourself with your inner self! Why? Because it is your sole reason for being! It IS THE truest part of YOU! It is who you REALLY ARE! So when you deny your inner self you are denying everything that is real! You are much more than your human self! Your human form is the vehicle for your soul! So what is a soul supposed to do in a human form....simply put:
A) You must remember each moment you are much more than human!
B) You must find balance in EVERYTHING!
C) You must remember that you are here EXPERIENCING!

You must ALWAYS reconnect with your higher self; we can do this by giving thanks for all our precious gifts. You can take moments in your day to take some deep breaths, realise you are alive, and FEEL your insides! Feel every inch of your being! Let LOVE fill you up with its beautiful, gracious, never ending energy! START REALLY LIVING!!!
Each and every moment that is given to you is precious and does not return, so DON'T waste them on negative thinking or going back to a time in your past that makes you feel crappy!!!

When you live in the moment; when you ALLOW yourself to live in this very moment, and the next YOU ARE TRULY LIVING! All that truly matters is this moment, not what you've done way back when! That's done! Let it go! Live in the NOW!!!


Luv and Light Eternally,