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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your Very Own Genie!!!

All of us have our "very own genie!" I guess this is the easiest way to look at it. When you ask for something it is automatically delivered to you! Why do you not see it immediately? Because you have logic and reason and human limitations. So I am going to try to explain keeping it as simple as I can: When you ask for something it is automatically delivered. It has been put into your reality but you need to be ALLOWING of it. That means you feel deserving, and open to receiving! Now I know most of you will think, "well yes I feel deserving" but feeling that you deserve something means you are clam and assertive of it so there is no, "PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!" or " OH I HOPE!" or "OH I WISH!"

Ask for something, KNOW you are deserving of whatever it is! No matter how difficult it is for your logical mind to make sense of!!! And at that very moment GET EXCITED because you know that you will get EXACTLY what you asked for!!! YES!!! Get excited about it!!! Like you already have it and see yourself enjoying it...if you can not then please think of something totally different because the more negative, restrictive thoughts you put toward that same requests; or you keep trying to figure out the "how, when, where...", that will only push what you've requested farther and farther away. And then you will start to believe that "it is never going to happen! I'm never going to get.........!" but instead it is only your disbelief in it that keeps you from allowing it to come in!!!

As I was telling a dear friend of mine this week:
Imagine that what you ask for is delivered but you can only see it 3 days from now. Now each and every time you pout or pray or beg because you don't see it "right now" you push it 3 more days away, and then you pout again and you push it another 3 days away....and the pattern continues and before you know it your belief becomes that you can't have what you've asked for!
Do you get what I'm saying? Just because you can't see it doesn't mean that it isn't already there! You must find faith and belief in yourself!!!

Remind yourself that you really do have YOU'RE VERY OWN GENIE!!! Because this really is the way this universe works! You get what you ask for each and every time! It is up to you to ALLOW it to come to you!!!

Luv and Light,