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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Activate Your Cells!!!

"An optimistic and happy outlook is the best way to stay healthy"...says Sam Graci in his amazing book: The Path To Phenomenal Health.
He goes on to say: Feeling good isn't just a vague feeling, it's a physical state of the brain, one that you can induce deliberately. It would appear logical that the link or connection between your mind and body would bolster well-being in general. People with an optimistic, happy brain develop about 50 percent more antibodies than average in response to flu vaccines.
He goes on to say: Doctors have known for years that clinical depression- the extreme opposite of happiness- can worsen heart disease, diabetes, digestion, sleeplessness and skin tone, and lead to a host of illnesses.

I love this book because it is perfect for those who think positive thinking and living is only pink fluffy stuff!!! He gives medical facts about how our brain, cells, and organs are effected by HOW we CHOOSE to live!!! And as I mentioned in yesterday's blog some people believe more in facts than their own intuition so this book is perfect for those who search for facts! For the great believers I ALWAYS recommend the beautiful angelic Louise L. Hay!!!

Think about this for a second; if the "you" of the future could come and give you words of advice right now I am almost positive: "don't worry so much, enjoy life more, smile a lot and keep your energy focused on the things you DO want, would be just a few words of wisdom you would hear. But you know this! You know what you need to do to completely enjoy your life! You know what drains your energy!
So STOP living guided by fear and limitations and reactivate your cells with JOY!!!

If you aren't completely happy and enjoying your life on a daily basis then you know for sure you have work to do!
So I ask you this:what exactly are you waiting for?
Luv and Light,