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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ever Wonder WHY???

Why do you think what you think? Do you KNOW that every thought you think is your CHOOSING to think it?! You can AT ANY TIME choose to think ANY thought you like!!! Do you know this?
You must erase the old data you have stored in that memory of yours that tends to go off on "automatic!" So many people say such negative words that flow so easily out of them that they do not even realise the impact of what they've just said!!! PAY ATTENTION PLEASE!!! You ARE responsible for the things you see in your life because you are helping create them!!! Negative attracts negative! Positive attracts positive! If you walk into a place and have a negative experience.....well, how were you feeling BEFORE you got there? What were you thinking? YOU carried whatever you were thinking and feeling with you and so you helped create that negative experience!

Keep a VERY close look at what is happening INSIDE of you!!! FORGET the outside because INSIDE is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT!!! IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!!! If you do not feed your soul you will find struggle in your life because your soul will be struggling to try and get you back on track!!! You ARE in control of your thoughts and your thoughts help create your emotions and your emotions become actions and your actions cause reactions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLOOOOO!!!! Are you getting this???

Okay so what do you do???......Prepare yourself BEFORE you begin ANYTHING!!! BEFORE you get out of your bed, YES! BEFORE you "jump" into your day STOP! Take a nice deep breath! Realise you have the gift of Life and put a smile on! Realise that you are about to begin a NEW day! One that you have never lived before filled with new and exciting experiences!!! Get EXCITED about your day! -after all it doesn't have to be like yesterday because your attitude toward life is different today!- Give thanks for at least five things in your Life and THEN get up and STRETCH!!! Now as you do your daily "things" pay attention to your thoughts! Keep them excited and happy! Prepare your energy: that means send love to all the places you know you will be going to. So if you're off to work and you'll be taking your car, send love around and inside your car. Send love and hearts along the road you will be taking. Send love and hearts to the the people that surround you, do the same for the parking area, the people there, the building....getting the picture?
So please refrain from thinking about your payments while you're preparing food, refrain from thinking of your "worries" while your walking toward the bank teller, refrain from having stressful thoughts as your taking your lunch break......Try pivoting your thinking at all times: this means PAY ATTENTION to your thinking the whole time you are conscious and going about your day! TRY IT!!! You will be AMAZED at the results!!! Eventually this will come to you so easily and effortlessly you won't even have to think about it!!!

Life is simple when you pay attention!!!

Give to life what you want life to give back to you!

Love, Love, Luv and Light Eternally!!!