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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Find Your Purpose!!!

Many people refuse to believe in something unless its' attached to a million facts and statements that proves its existence.

What happened to your faith?
I believe this "lack of faith" is putting many people off track because they haven't anything to believe in!

We are souls and what sparks us awake is our faith! We are in a multicultural world with many religions...WHO CARES it's not what matters!!! Which ever or what ever works for you! All I am asking is that we can come to realise that you need to believe in something! Even if that means believing in yourself!!! But please do yourself a favor and FIND YOUR FAITH!!!

Facts, statistics, and logical points are good, but miracles find their name because there is no explanation or factual, logical point to explain it. The miracles need your belief in them to continue to manifest!!! If you really believe it, it happens. If you beg for it, that means you don't believe it and it is less likely to happen.

So where is your faith? If you aren't sure what you believe in then start asking yourself some WILL find your answers!!!

Stop living without purpose! Start asking some questions, start searching! Shake your ground!!!
Wake up! Now IS the time!!!

Luv and Light,