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Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Monday To You!!!

How do you feel this morning? REALLY, how do you feel? Have you mentally prepared your monday morning with joy and love? Or are you grumpy, anticipating stress, traffic and chaos?

By now you understand that your thoughts create your emotions, your emotions create your reality so what are you doing about it? Are you continuing to create what you don't want in your life? Or are you assisting in creating ultimate joy and prosperity?!
If you feel run down in any way, it is a clear indication that you are obviously doing something against the flow of your natural being; remember your natural flow is JOY! You understand that Joy is what you could be vibrating at all times right? So if you feel ANY other way you can take a deeper look in and find your solution! Only YOU can tell YOU what it is you need to change or adjust in order to vibrate at a high frequency of Joy!

If your belief has been that life is a struggle and we are MEANT to struggle through life, then this creates a painful experience! An exhausting experience! HOWEVER, if you KNOW this about yourself you can, RIGHT NOW, change that belief and KNOW that you have come here for much more than that! It is always in the way you CHOOSE to view things! When we change the way we look at life and all it contains, our reality changes, what we look at changes, and what we experience changes! So stop creating negative stuff in your life; instead take responsibility for your own thoughts, beliefs, and reactions and begin to create a reality that is a true Joy to be in and in turn you will be helping others because they will be inspired to do the same!

Give thanks for all that you have today and KNOW that you are truly blessed!!!

Luv and Light,