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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello??? Are You Listening???

Improving your life takes your attention and dedication!!! If you do not put any work toward it how can you possibly get results? I try with my blogs the best way I know how but I can not be with you each moment of the day to remind you how important it is to watch your thoughts, pay attention to your body language and how you feel inside! That is up to you!
It is so nice to have beautiful books to read and wonderful teachers(who are all around us) to guide us but if you do not pay attention and you do not apply the material how is it supposed to work?!
Yes there is a magic button you can hit that will fix everything but you have to find that button and most of the time -as I mentioned yesterday- it's buried beneath your guck. That means you have to go inside yourself, finally deal with the same thought that makes you want to turn your head in panic because you REALLY DO NOT want to deal with it! TRUST ME!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!
You will forever remain "stuck" until you really deal with those thoughts and emotions! You will free yourself!
FORGIVE YOURSELF!!! You are wasting time in your petty circle of self criticism and guilt!!!

There is massive abundance in every sense waiting for you!!!
What are you going to do about it? Will you remain in your small struggling circle of exhausting life or will you come over this way and find a world of beauty with a gazillion reasons to be grateful and enjoy life with every single breath you take??

Luv and Light,